Got Q's?

How often do you restock?

We restock monthly, but not always every design! If you're waiting on something sold out, you can find unavailable stock in our stores.

Where can I shop in stores?

We own the Your Locals stores. These are small business collectives and you'll always be able to find HF in person (& support a bunch of other small businesses too!)

Your Locals Locations:

  • The District Docklands (Docklands)
  • Casey Central (Narre Warren)
  • Eastland Shopping Centre (Ringwood)

How long do the air fresheners smell?

TBH around 2 weeks is when the air fresheners run out of scent, although this may vary depending on the fragrance. After 6 different manufacturers, we simply cannot make the scents last longer and keep the designs as bright as they are.

We keep ours up for much longer just because they're so cute and an easy way to add some quirky personality to our car! If you ever want to keep it up and have it last longer, we recommend spraying your favourite cologne or perfume on the air fresheners.

Does Heaps Fresh wholesale?


Wholesale opportunities to stock Heaps Fresh are now available.

Send your details to and we will provide you with a catalog will all designs at a wholesale price.

Where is Heaps Fresh based?

Burn City, Baby!

How long does postage take?

We pack orders weekly. Australia post takes around 3-5 days to deliver.
Express shipping is available, too!